As a professional astrologer, I have been consulting clients for over 25 years regularly. I’m not a native English speaker but I speak this language fluently. Although my clientele is mainly Slovenians, I do online consultations (Skype or Zoom) for clients worldwide.

In my predictive work, I use eclipses (my main technique), secondary progressions (in longitude and declination), transits, and horary astrology. I combine all these techniques to give you a clear insight into your future. I also do relationship astrology (synastry) and vocational astrology, and I advise on how to run your business for profit and inner fulfillment. I am also well-versed in locational astrology (astro*carto*graphy and local space).

I can only accept clients who know their exact birth data (date, hour, and minute of birth). No reliable forecasting can be done for those who only know their date or approximate time of birth.

To get the most out of the session, recording is essential, so make sure that you record it (I suggest using your mobile device for that purpose – Voice Memos on iPhone – or use the recording option on Skype or Zoom).

To schedule a consultation, contact me at


Consultation 1 (A yearly follow-up only, not available to new clients, 40 mins): 97,60 €
Consultation 2 (A yearly follow-up, including one of the add-ons listed below, 50 mins): 122 €
Consultation 3 (Natal chart with 2-3 years overall forecast, including a 1-year detailed forecast plus one of the add-ons listed below, 60 mins): 146,40 €

Add-ons: a yearly follow-up for another person, a short synastry, specialized vocational guidance (when contemplating a career change, etc.), locational astrology (‘where in the world’ for travel or relocation) or up to one additional answer based on a horary chart that can be cast anytime within a year after the consultation date.

Note: For payments made by PayPal, the amount of 5 € is added to the consultation fee. All fees must be paid at least 24 hours in advance of the session.

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I have hundreds of regular clients, and occasionally I receive their feedback in writing. Some of the following is translated from Slovenian but no contents have been changed. For confidentiality reasons, the names of these clients are omitted.

The first one was posted in the Horary Astrology Group, the others came to me by email or PM:

Hi all.  This has nothing to do with Horary but…this is a shout out to Ema Kurent amazing skills as an Astrologer. Had a reading with her on January 3rd. It was a reversed sign reading as I am born in the Southern Hemisphere and EVERY single one of her very detailed predictions (and she made many) thus far have happened exactly as she said. Even today! It’s just been 3 months but she gave me loads for the 3 months and it has all happened. Thank u Ema! So happy and so able to plan and prepare! X

Dear Ema, I was just stunned! Your words with which you described my past could not be more precise. You have described me correctly as a person to the last detail, my description of the past was consistent and I hope, of course, that my future will be the same. I am grateful to talk to you! And certainly, I’ll consult you again! Best, A.

Last year’s forecast (although your words did not convince me – because I believed that things would turn out differently) was totally correct =) Best, M

Respected Ema. I thank you for your excellent and perfectly accurate prognosis for until summer. Congratulations and compliments.

Hey Ema, was just thinking about you and rewatching our session. Hope you are good! So far the predictions are again on fire hahahaah! Thank you once more! D.S.

Compliments, truly, I have printed all the dates and periods when listening to the recording again, and what can I say, I only make ticks!!! Yess, you’re amazing! Have a good day…

Hi Ema, Thank you so much for the reading. It helped shift things for me and helped me remember more of what moves me.

Dear Ema … .. I confirm again the predicted events that happened during this time … I received a job on… (I am omitting the field of work and the date for privacy reasons) as you predicted … my son finally realized that his ex was deceiving him, and called off the affair … and of course he passed today’s exam .. as you said he would… .. tomorrow he has another one and I don’t doubt he’ll pass that one too … I am fascinated by how precise you are with dates … really everything happens to me on the predicted date or one day before …. thank you

Hello … A while ago, we had a session … through skype … I did not doubt … but I’m just fascinated how true everything you said is …I recorded it … now, at the beginning of every month, I listen to it and take notes and abide by your advice … when to do something and when not. Thanks once again .. and by all means, I’ll contact you again before the year’s end. Nice summer …

I would also like to tell you that everything you told me at the consultation was true and came true, and that your advice is very helpful.

You told my friend, everything, to the exact dates, the date and the course of her grandchild’s birth, and how cute he would be. And, regarding her health, big problems stopped in the predicted month … incredible, but real.

For more than 10 years, I’ve been using Ema’s astrological science. Her warnings and hints are always correct. Therefore, respected Ema THANK YOU for everything. I’ll be back.

Thank you again for our conversation. It was very helpful. As I said, I was really impressed with the entire session and will look forward to listening to the recording again this evening to solidify the ideas.