It is an old astrological belief that deaths of famous people are »announced« or »foretold« by eclipses. Modern astrologers, as far as I know, don’t practice such dire predictions any more, but that’s not to say that it can’t be done. Traditional astrology has made its way into modern astrological practice and it even has – as far as I can tell – the only tools that work to such end.

Surely, not all eclipses are equally strong. Total eclipses,  solar and lunar, are much stronger that partial. Besides, lunar eclipses relate more to deaths of women, the solar ones to deaths of men.

Once, those famous people whose deaths were predicted by those bold astrologers, were kings. Today, they can be political leaders – or pop stars.

Based on my research, I posted (in my blog of December 7, 2011) a view that the total lunar eclipse of December 10, 2011, would have strongest consequences (as world capitals are concerned) in the Los Angeles and Tokyo area. Based on my research of the June 15, 2011 total lunar eclipse, which was aligned with London and followed shortly by the passing of Amy Winehouse, I expressed an opinion that the months following the December eclipse could see a death of a famous woman in the Los Angeles area. (Some other possible expressions of the eclipse’s effects were considered, like street riots, stronger earthquake activity and similar).

The June 2011 lunar eclipse (24°23′ Saggitarius) ran straight through London (Moon and node on the ascendant, Sun on the descendant). According to astrologer Frank Clifford, Amy Winehouse (September 14, 1983, Enfield, England) was born at 22:25 BST, which makes her a Gemini ascendant, so Mercury, placed at 24 Virgo, is her chart ruler. Mercury was in an exact square of the eclipse axis, making her very vulnerable to the eclipse effects. She died in London on July 23, 2011, 38 days after he eclipse, on the day of Mars’s conjunction to the south node, which was, at the time of her death, also in square of her natal conjunction of Sun and Mercury.

Whitney Houston (born August 9, 1963, at 20:55 in Newark, NJ) was born with her MC/IC axis at 18°23′ Sag/Gemini – the exact degrees of the December 2011 total lunar eclipse. This eclipse’s node was exactly on the ascendant for the Los Angeles area, with the Sun/ascendant and Moon/descendant lines to the south of the city, which made me wonder whether the eclipse would produce similar effects in that area.

Whitney died, as we know, on February 11, 2012, two months after the eclipse – on the day when transitting Mars (retrograde) made an exact square to the eclipse’s progressed Moon.