The problem with making any prediction concerning the effect of the August SE on Donald Trump is that his time of birth is unsure. He was born either at 9:51 or at 10:54. The latter time is on his birth certificate which should be taken seriously but alas, IF he was born at 9:51, his MC would be in a totally exact sextile with the February 2017 solar eclipse and this would be – for me – an extremely clear sign of his winning the election. There are rumours that Donald’s mother said that he was born at 9:51, and, hey, the official declaration of his TOB might be erroneous! It happens!

But we don’t know, of course, and probably never will. Progressed Moon in the 10:54 chart was spot on Trump’s Venus, his 10th ruler, on the inauguration day. (Which I was aware of, of course, but misled by another dubious Hillary’s TOB 🙂

So, if he was born at 9:51, the eclipse would NOT fall on his ascendant. But it will, by all means, conjunct his progressed Sun which is important although not as dangerous as if it was on the ascendant. It would make him prominent in the world, put pressure on him, force him to make crucial decisions. It could involve him in great struggles too (due to conjunction with natal Mars), possibly related to war-like issues.

These struggles will, IMO, substantially concern USA’s relations with North Korea. This country’s national Saturn is at 28°54´ Leo, within only 2 minutes orb of conjunction with the August eclipse! That’s like a red signal light – a warning that the pent-up aggression of this country’s leader could explode and cause much damage – in the final run, mostly to the country itself.

From August till November this year, Pluto will transit Kim Jong Un’s natal Sun, actually stationing on it in late September. That’s not nice. It could lead him into making dangerous decisions. It’s an “all-or-nothing” transit, causing much inner struggle and feelings of worthlessness which could, if projected onto the outside world and his political opponents, become very dangerous. The man has power, and this power threatens to be seriously misused.

What’s more, the eclipse’s path extension line runs through Pyongyang. Research has shown that those areas are extremely volatile during the time of an eclipse’s effect which is 1 year approximately. Dire things happen along those lines, from natural disasters to political unrest.

This eclipse will be activated several times during its duration which would be approximately 2,5 years, although mostly active until the next eclipse half a year later. Pluto will return to its position simultaneously with the node’s transiting eclipse’s Mars in the beginning of November, with the next critical period being the days around 25th January 2018 when Mars will come to square the eclipse degree and Jupiter will square the eclipse’s Mars. Incidentally, that’s the approximate date of Trump’s progressed Moon conjuncting his natal Pluto, in the 10:54 chart. It will definitely not be a nice time for him, with those transits and progressions possibly signalling the most dangerous period of the eclipse’s effects upon him, his career and/or personal life. The fact that the 31rd January 2018 total lunar eclipse falls on Trump’s 12th house Pluto, with his progressed Moon being so close to it, is anther red light, indicating the danger of “secret enemies” in action, or a necessity to spend time in hospital.

Enough has been said. I have managed to make another dire prediction, after having humorously noted, on my facebook page, that 1998 when a solar (annular) eclipse fell on exactly the same degree as this year’s will, was the year when Donald met Melania. History repeats itself, especially in the 19-year eclipse cycle, so this year’s August eclipse might only bring some turmoil into their relationship, or even plunge it into a deep crises – what with Donald’s progressed Moon in Leo (“love me”) in the 12th house of secrets. With the consequence that a secret love affair might become scandalously evident in the period from January till March of next year, forcing Melania into difficult decisions. (Note that the eclipse also squares her Venus at 28,5 Taurus!)

Please note: As for the charts below – Melania’s birth time is unknown. My chart is based on the time that I received intuitively, and is not to be taken seriously. But I was shocked at how nicely it fitted into her personality and life path. Her main focus from an early age was on emigration, and this chart has a 9th house stellium. I have also checked the time against some important periods in her life and it all somehow fitted, sometimes shockingly so. Still, not to be trusted, of course 🙂








North Korea’s national chart


  • Anonymous

    Ema, note that transit Saturn is now SD tightly conjunct Trump’s natal Moon and South Node and opposite his Sun, while it is also exactly opposite USA’a natal Mars and Square USA’s natal Neptune. Just another indication for the marital and martial problems he should be faced with.

  • Anonymous

    Ema, have a look at Trump’s TOB=10:54 natal A*C*G map. It has the “Mars conjunct Desc” line running through P’yongyang, NK.

  • admin

    Thank you Amie and Jillian. Have you noticed that Trump made his threats to N Korea on August 8, just 4 days after I mentioned this potential crisis in my blog 😀

  • Jillian Norris

    Hi Ema 🙂 I was just noticing Kim Jong Un has an exact square between fiery and aggressive Mars and Chiron of pain and suffering. So it would suggest that machinery equipment heats and sharps and military issues will be his Achilles Heel at some time. What is also interesting is that your and my same charts for North Korea give a few minutes of difference in Saturn. I get 29.08 Leo. The double edged sword of Regulus showing elevated or royal status and military honour – yet 29 is also the critical teardrop degree. This Saturn is under attack from Solar Arc Chiron’s quincunx from 29 Capricorn. It became exact in June 2017 for the noon chart – so I would expect suffering, loss and much to weep about amidst all of North Korea’s military posturing. Cheers to you, Jillian 🙂

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