The Great American Eclipse, as has been called because it’ll be visible in the United States, is still in the womb of Mother Cosmos. But like all fetuses about to be born, it’s attracting a lot of attention.

Astrologers seem to agree that it will greatly affect the USA President Donald Trump, whose chart has close links with the eclipse degree (especially if he was born at 10:54, as says his BC). They aren’t very clear as per what tricks exactly would this cosmic influence play on him (which is perfectly OK because that’s really very hard to say), but they seem to agree that the influence will be mostly “bad”. I’m mostly concerned with the fact that whatever his true time of birth, the eclipse will take place very close to his natal Mars, the ancient god of war.

But let us first turn our attention to some astrological facts. The first is that any eclipse’s effects are not restricted to the areas of its visibility. They’re not restricted neither to the areas of total obscuration of the Sun’s light, nor to the areas of its partial obscuration. They can be felt anywhere in the world, but especially in those areas where the eclipsed Sun with the accompanying lunar node is on the western or eastern horizon, or where it’s culminating or anticulminating, or where those degrees are squaring the AC/DC and MC/IC axes. What’s more, the eclipses’s effects can be felt up to a couple of months before the eclipse actually takes place, and they are always felt in the months following it, most strongly in the next 6 months or until the next solar eclipse.

Let me repeat one bit of what I just wrote: “The eclipses’s effects can be felt up to a couple of months before the eclipse actually takes place.” The closer it is, the more it is being felt. That actually means that we already ARE experiencing the eclipse’s effects. We have been there for a while. The baby has been kicking for at least a fortnight strongly, letting itself be heard and felt.

When I told an interviewer on July 19 that USA relations with North Korea are soon going to get tough, because the August eclipse’s west point happens to be at the Pyongyang’s latitude, he was visibly yawning. I repeated that in my blog of August 4, and on August 8, Mr. Trump practically declared war on North Korea. I hope the guy has stopped yawning by now.

At the time of the eclipse, it will be evening in western Europe, and in some places it will be barely visible.  Because of its close links with the horizontal axis (AC/DC or east-west) in those areas, it sure has to be felt there. Not seen, but felt. Strongly. The recent terrorist acts in Barcelona are undoubtedly linked to this total solar eclipse of August 21. They were like a strong kick in the Mother Cosmos’ womb, just before the baby’s due date. There’s an astronomical/astrological proof for that. Namely, Barcelona lies exactly at the midpoint of the eclipse degree and the node – an extremely powerful magnetic point, serving as an antenna for the destruction that an eclipse provokes. The attacks (there were 2, one in another Spanish coastal town) took place on August 17 when the Sun was at 24 Leo, exactly conjunct the north node, thereby activating the planetary picture.

An even greater tragedy, as per human toll, happened a couple of days earlier, on August 14, in the African country Sierra Leone when a devastating mudslide killed over 500. To date, 600 people are still missing and 10 thousand have been evacuated.

Is there a parallel? Of course it is! The descendant line of the eclipse chart passes close to that region too, with Freetown, the scene of the disaster, lying exactly on the Mars/descendant line. Three days before the mudslide, there were torrential rains. As mundane astrologers know, rains and heat and winds and other natural phenomena at “eclipse seasons” tend to be stronger and thus more dangerous to the human race as in more “normal” cosmic circumstances.

On the astrolocality map below, you can see some other sensitive areas in Europe. Geneva, Frankfurt, Vienna, Hamburg, Hanover, Koln … In those densely populated areas, terrorism could still rise its dirty head. To actually predict a terrorist attack is, of course, impossible. This is like in case of a disease; if a heart attack befalls someone who is prone to it due to a weak heart and blood vessels, unhealthy lifestyle or an advanced age, that would seem like logical in retrospect, but nobody could actually predict it. Here, we have the same logic. As an astrologer, I can pinpoint some sensitive areas and sensitive times, but I can’t predict it. I can’t even say whether it would be a terrorist attack. There could simply be more accidents and other acts of aggression – in any of the sensitive times ahead.

And which are those sensitive times? That would actually have to be the subject of another blog. This one is dedicated to the eclipse fetus. It’s not been born yet. But when it comes out of the womb, it’ll most probably kick hard again soon, and quite certainly so on (or about) August 27th when Mars activates the node (watch also the US-South Korea military exercises!), and on (or about) September 3rd when Mars will actually transit the eclipse degree. The latter date might be even “stronger”, in the negative sense of the word, I’m afraid, as the eclipse degree is the “baby” itself and Mars has never been a weak and feeble planet. It’s the old-time “symbol” of aggression, accidents and war. The baby is going to be very angry, and we’d better count with that.


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    Ema, if you cast the Eclipse chart for Barcelona for the time of maximum eclipse rather than the time of exact New Moon (as in the chart above), you’ll find the nodal axis exactly aligning with the Asc-Dsec axis, not 2 degrees apart.

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