The Great American Eclipse is over – except that it’s not over. It has just begun.

A couple of days ago, I have expressed concern (on my Slovenian FB page) over a possible storm hitting New Orleans in the days before the next Full Moon. As it turns out, the storm has been forming – ever since the eclipse – in the Gulf of Mexico where Harvey threatens to slam East Texas as the first major hurricane since 2005. Whew, that’s BIG!

It is, of course, astro-logical.  What moved me to mention New Orleans is the fact that in the Gulf of New Mexico, the horizontal axis of the eclipse chart is exactly squared by the eclipse degree. That hurricane formed exactly there, in the middle of the Gulf – see how exactly the centre corresponds to the celestial lines. Note also that the eclipse was exactly on MC (midheaven) for Texas – knowing that this is one of the strongest energy line of any eclipse, this is a telltale example of an immediate eclipse effect! See hurricane Harvey here.

Nobody, of course, except astrologers, will connect the hurricane with the eclipse. High science. Too high for scientists. Alas, so simple.

Total solar eclipse of Aug. 21, 2017, in USA (plus SA and MA lines)

What else could happen in the USA as the consequence of this eclipse? We have been observing President Trump losing public support since the day of the eclipse – as predicted by many astrologers. In the media – one tweet said “Donald Trump rejects advice from basically everyone, watches solar eclipse without glasses”, to which someone (Ed Krassenstein) replied “This is actually correct. The Darkness of Trump has overtaken the brightness of Obama. The Sun is what gives us life and energy!” So true! The fact that this reply was among the most retweeted, lifted my (astrological) spirits. The guy doesn’t even know what a profound truth he wrote down there.

On the map above, I added (beside the eclipses’ lines) the lines of the two malefics, Mars and Saturn – on all the 4 cardinal points of the sky and in squares to them. This way, the map has been drawn, pointing to the dangerous spots on the territory of the USA. On any of them, accidents could happen or nature could show its destructive force any time the eclipse will be activated in the near future (for up to a year’s time, but mostly until the next eclipse which will take place on 15 February 2018.

Some of the toll has already been taken on the day after the eclipse. It was Tuesday 22 August. In Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, a commuter train crashed into a parked train, wounding over 40.  Story here.

Upper Darby lies exactly (nearly to the minute) on the Saturn square MC line of the eclipse!


So, when’s the next “hot” date? Not in the nice sense of the word when we’re speaking of potential disaster. But, surely, the eclipse will be activated on (or about) August 27 and September 3rd again. Watch for the above areas, and see my blog of August 20 for the European danger zones.




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