March, have mercy

In my 31 December 2019 blog, I predicted March to be the worst month of 2020 – especially its second part. What could this refer to? Much has already been said, but now that we have come to the middle of the month, let me reiterate and add some additional insights.

In that blog, I mentioned the possibility of a next world recession starting already in February, and markets then really started to show strong bearish tendencies. In the first half of March, there was a Black Monday on 9 March when DJI plummeted 1800 points on opening, and a Black Thursday on 12 March when US stock markets suffered from the greatest single-day percentage fall since the 1987 stock market crash. What is to follow?

Nothing good, I dare say. Jupiter is closing on its conjunction with the eclipse’s Pluto (16 March) which is in itself a strong bearish tendency, but there is more. On 24 March, we will have a New Moon at 4 Aries – squaring the degree of the 26 December 2019 annular solar eclipse, with transiting lunar nodes at 4 Capricorn/Cancer! Wow, I mean, this is heavy. This is such a strong turbulence in the electro-magnetic field that it just cannot pass unnoticed. More will be said on the effects of this configuration on other mundane affairs, but let us for now stay with the markets. Because, look – 4 Aries is the degree of the NYSE’s MC! Incidentally, the last eclipse was anticulminating along the East Coast of the United States, making it especially vulnerable to its effects. (BTW, the eclipse ascendant was at 4 Libra in Washington, DC – the city with most COVID-19 cases diagnosed in the US so far!)

On 12 March, exactly, the node was squaring the MC/IC axsis of the NYSE to the last minute. I find this fascinating, but it is also a red light for what might follow! Namely, a New Moon on the MC could mean that things rapidly get from bad to worse. Meaning that NYSE could come to experience a real crash.

Except, of course, if this happens sooner – already on 16 or 17 March when we could see another Black Monday followed by a Black Tuesday. Jupiter on elipse’s Pluto, lunar standstill at 23.5 and a powerful Pluto/Mars/Jupiter conjunction, this can’t pass without a profound challenge to world markets, especially NYSE.

But the said configuration on March 16-17 could well have other effects. Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions usually bring some disaster which causes huge material or financial loss. An inability to meet increasing financial demands could surface on many levels and in many countries. (In my country, for example, the authorities have just decided that they will discontinue the coronavirus tests for those who do not show obvious signs of illness i.e. are hospitalized – since Monday!)

Lunar standstill at 23.5 south on Tuesday 17 March might synchronize with some crucial changes in the way the COVID-19 crisis is being handled. A change in the Moon’s direction always coincides with a change in human activity – but those changes happening with the Moon at 23.5, are often huge, unexpected, surprising.

Or, there could be a major natural or traffic disaster. It’s really hard to tell. Below are just some of the locations that could be affected – based on the December 26 eclipse. Ever since the eclipse, I have been diligently noting down major events – see how they fit?!

On 22 March, there will be two astrological events of major importance: Saturn will enter Aquarius and transitting node will conjunct the eclipse degree. Wow, again. Saturn in Aquarius, an air sign, might put some brakes on the world of media and mass communication – for the starters. It’s not a good indication for air traffic, either. More flights could be cancelled or there could even be a major aircraft accident. In the worst case scenario, of course, but I have noticed that many aircraft disasters happen during a week or two between two solar eclipses. Which will, incidentally, be the last 10 days of March (approximately).

I have found that ACG maps of charts cast for midpoint in time between two consecutive solar eclipses, often point to locations of stress in the approximately 2-weeks periods when the Sun (widely) squares both eclipses. Below is the map based on the current midpoint chart, including both eclipses’ paths. Included in the map are the Sun, the Moon, the nodes, Mars, Uranus and Pluto. All the “devils”, in short 😉

Luckily, in the last days of the month, the nodes will trine/sextile the eclipse’s Uranus – there could be some major discovery or invention, or a solution to a problem found. I have a feeling that the world will then breath a sigh of relief. Hopefully. We need it 😉

3 thoughts on “March, have mercy

  • Ema-love your take on this whole thing! and your details are well researched.
    Question: what are the date and times you used for this last ACG map? When i click on it, it won’t expand. I’d like to re-create it for myself on my SF s’ware in Solar Maps.

    • admin

      Hi Lynn, I do a relationship chart (midpoint in time) between two consecutive solar eclipses. In this case, the December 2019 and the June 2020 ones. Then I open the chart in Solar maps. If you have profressional software, should be easy.

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