DAILY MOON (a yearly publication in 4 editions)

DAILY MOON is an original astrological calendar on 240 pages with valuable tips for daily and hourly planning, suited to astrologers and laymen alike. It is based on the fact that all life on Earth is synchronized with that which is ‘above’. The energy patterns created by solar, lunar and planetary motions are subtly but decisively reflected by our earthly reality. Because celestial bodies follow regular, foreseeable paths, it is possible to predict time windows most suitable or auspicious for certain tasks. DAILY MOON is therefore all about ADVICE on how to make the best use of our time.

You can get DAILY MOON 2022 at your nearest Amazon store (choose between amazon.com, amazon.de, amazon.it, amazon.fr, amazon.co.uk etc.),  in any of the 4 editions created for 4 different parts of the world: Europe, UK & Ireland, US East Coast and US West Coast. If you live in an ‘unavailable’ time zone, just add or subtract hours in the edition that is closest to your location.

The book is available in printed format only, due to technical issues that would arise with astro fonts in the Kindle version.

DAILY MOON is a superb Christmas present, but I advise you to purchase EARLY. Amazon deliveries tend to be delayed in November and December, due to increased traffic.

I also kindly ask you to share the info with your friends on social media and elsewhere. And if you are happy with the book, it would be extremely helpful if you post your review on Amazon.

From last year’s reviews:
‘Love the clarity of Ema’s work. This is a great guide, easily used by all, and I think a good tool for students of astrology to work with, too. There’s space on each page for a spot of note-taking. We can see how certain phases recur and perhaps feel better equipped to handle them with more confidence.’
‘Very useful for daily planning, very well explained. I loved it. I highly recommend it.’
‘I have just recently started to study Horary Astrology and I bought Ema’s book of the same name. I knew that this book would be as easy to read and I was not disappointed. It will appeal to beginners and advanced alike. There are sections that describe the signs and planets together with aspects. The layout of the calendar itself is easy to understand and all the symbols are explained. Recommended.’